CSNVA Membership Terms And Conditions

  • There is no formal obligation to fly using the online network, however, we do require you to register with IVAO or VATSIM network.
  • Please make sure you enter your correct network ID on the application form. (Applications submitted with an incorrect network ID will be rejected).
  • Virtual China Southern Airlines operates a 30 day active flying policy which means pilots must fly at least one flight every 30 days.
  • Pilots who are inactive after the 30 day period may be removed without notice from the rosters.
  • If pilot unable to met the 30 day active flying requirement, please submit a absent form before your been set inactive, However if you did submit absent form, we will switch you to inactive automatically and switch back when you back on duty.
  • Absence only valid 180 days, if you still unable to fly after 180 days, please submit another absent form.
  • CSCARS is the unique ACARS log tool for China Southern Virtual Airline.
  • Accelerated Time is NOT permissible while using CSCARS client.
  • Flight Planning is required for all flights at China Southern Virtual Airline.