SINO - Pakistan Friendship

VATSIM Pakistan vACC and P.R.China Divison are thrilled to invite all to become a part of one of the biggest events of the year. This time, China will be joining in the action, and it would be such a shame if anyone were to miss out on the fantastic ATC being provided under heavy traffic conditions. The ATC will be stationed at a real world venue, unlike most events. See you on the scope! Pakistan vACC is now going to host the third edition of its famed Flight to Friendship. This event is traditionally held in conjunction with another country. This time, it's China. The event will be held to commemorate Pakistan's independence day on 14 August, and we are absolutely delighted that VATPRC has decided to join us on this occasion. During this event, pilots will be provided complete ATC coverage in Pakistan, and in China's Urumqi FIR. While our aircrafts will fly from Karachi to Urumqi to Lahore, there are multiple options for pilots who wish to approach the event differently.

Posted By: Yu Xiong

News Id: 17 posted on 2015-08-07 02:31:15
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